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Incorporated on 19 March 2016 under the Companies Act (Cap 486) Aberdare Institute of Management (AIM) is a reputable private tertiary training institution. It is a registered institution of higher learning by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MOHEST), to train in Certificate, Diploma, And Catering & Hospitality Management, Hair Dressing and Beauty Therapy Business Studies, Accountancy, Information Technology.

We are a private owned and a TVET registered college soaring high to produce qualified  professionals who will serve diligently and purposefully in our communities.

We offer Certificate and Diploma courses examinable by NITA, ICDL, ICM and KNEC. We also have a wide range of short courses in our institution


Aberdare Institute of Management (AIM) strives to admit those applicants who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to Aberdare academic community.

Quality Education

Our students enjoy a rich, highly interactive and personalized learning environment essential in the realization of one's potential.

Learning Environment

It provides a stimulating learning environment through an innovative student-based and quality-driven approach to teaching and learning.

Academic Excellence

Our aim is to become a leading center of academic excellence and a preferred destination for all those who aspire for an academically fulfilling experience.

Career Path

Courses offered at AIM form a foundation towards further learning at the university level. Our Diplomas are recognized by the Kenya National Examination Council, KASNEB, City and Guilds and thus our students are assured of a chance to join any of the Universities in Kenya. Our students are also competitive in the market center as a result of thorough training availed to them during their course work. Be sure to join the Aberdare Institute of Management.

Admission Requirements

Aberdare Institute of Management (AIM) strives to admit those applicants who are best prepared to benefit from and contribute to the AIM academic community.

Admission specialists will review your application and supporting documentation carefully to assess your overall academic preparation. In evaluating your application, the University will consider the following factors:

  • Mean Grade scores achieved in High School
  • The strength of your high school course work
  • Grades earned in core subjects depending on the specific programmes in which you are interested
  • The additional information you provided in support of your application.

Before you apply for admission at the Aberdare Institute of Management (AIM), you are encouraged to carefully consider the various diplomas and certificate programmes available and to meet with an adviser and when you decide AIM is the place you want to be. Admission to AIM is on a first come first serve basis so be sure to complete your application early. Whether you are interested in a diploma or certificate programme, you will find that the Aberdare Institute of Management (AIM) has a variety of programmes to choose from in fulfilling your educational and career goals. 


Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management

This area of study aims to provide students with knowledge of food and nutrition.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

It involves overseeing the daily administrative, operational and commercial tasks..

Diploma in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy (Cosmetology)

Cosmetology is the practice of beautifying the face, hair, nails, and skin.



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